What is the difference between dentist and cosmetic dentist?

A general dentist takes care of the basic dental needs of your entire family, while an aesthetic dentist focuses more on the aesthetics of the patient's smile. Both cosmetic and general dentists can fill a cavity. A cosmetic dentist focuses on the appearance of your teeth and gums. As described by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), cosmetic dentists offer a wide range of aesthetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, dental implants, dental bonding, and veneers.

A cosmetic dentist receives extensive training in many different procedures. While the general dentist practices many of the same services, these are fillings, root canals, and gingivitis treatment. Aesthetic dentists learn to solve dental problems taking into account the aesthetics of the smile. While they will continue to consider the health of their teeth and gums, their goals are slightly different from those of a general dentist.

Your training will include how to take even general procedures and make them look good. With the example of a posterior crown, which no one will see, an aesthetic dentist will take the time to make sure that it blends perfectly with the other teeth. A cosmetic dentist has the same basic training that a general dentist receives, but has also been given some additional education. If you visit a cosmetic dentist to whiten your teeth, you must first clean your teeth for the procedure to work well.

If you have a heavily decayed tooth that needs repair and you are going to an aesthetic dentist for an aesthetically attractive solution, the dentist will take x-rays before your chosen procedure. It is an area where there is a lot of overlap, but although there are many similarities between a cosmetic dentist and a family dentist, there are also some very marked differences. The different approaches and priorities of these two types of dentists can be crucial to your doctor's choice; we take a closer look. Like Family Dentists, Cosmetic Dentists Are Committed to Your Oral Health.

However, they have developed a great interest in dental aesthetics, and this is followed by additional training in the latest techniques of cosmetic dentistry. In addition to helping you maintain good oral health, an aesthetic dentist can evaluate the aesthetics and proportions of the smile, suggesting the treatments that would be needed to achieve the ideal. Whenever you work on your teeth, aesthetics will be more than a passing consideration. It would be a mistake to say that family dentists don't care what their teeth look like, just as it would be a mistake to think that aesthetic dentists don't care about oral health.

However, apart from the easy-to-spot differences, such as being able to offer cosmetic dentistry techniques that require special training, there are subtle differences in the two approaches to dentistry. Certainly, for the aesthetic dentist, dentistry is an art, and the results of that art are seen in bright and confident smiles. Because cosmetic dentists have specialized in understanding your aesthetic needs, they are the best people to talk to about the beautiful smile you would love to show the world. Both cosmetic and general dentists have the skills to perform a variety of simple or complex dental procedures.

However, there are commodities in the industry that most cosmetic dentists practice to provide the best care for patients. Today there is a wide variety of dental fields, and two of the most popular professionals in this industry are general and cosmetic dentists. However, dental insurance providers consider cosmetic dentistry to be optional and therefore beyond the scope of insurance, although cosmetic jobs that also provide a functional benefit, such as restoration of tooth structure, may be covered by 50 percent. While they can perform these services, they are not specially trained and have the same experience that a cosmetic dentist will have.

While a cosmetic dentist will undoubtedly perform these tasks, they are more specialized in appearance and function than preventive care. Cosmetic dentists tend to attend more seminars and training after finishing dental school. While you may be tempted to go to your general dentist for cosmetic procedures, you may want to think twice. When you think about going to the dentist for your biannual exams and cleanings, this is usually your general or family dentist.

Both general and aesthetic dentists have the necessary skills to complete a series of commonly performed dental procedures that are simple or complex in nature. . .

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