Are Orthopedic Braces a Cosmetic Treatment?

Braces are not typically classified as cosmetic dentistry, but they may be necessary before other cosmetic dental procedures can be performed. Orthopedic appliances, however, can be considered a part of cosmetic dentistry if the misalignment is noticeable but does not affect oral health. Interestingly, braces are not considered cosmetic even though they improve the appearance of teeth. Nowadays, having crooked teeth fixed is seen as essential to ensure they work properly.

Crooked teeth make it difficult to chew and are hard to clean, so they are likely to deteriorate quickly. Braces can prevent this by improving the function of the teeth, while also providing an aesthetic benefit. The short answer is no, although braces and cosmetic dentistry have a similar end goal of correcting imperfections in the smile and making it more aesthetically pleasing. However, they achieve this in different ways.

Unlike orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry offers a wide range of services that result in slightly different outcomes. It is worth noting that regular orthodontics focuses on correcting dental irregularities and is not considered a cosmetic treatment option. Invisalign is also not just a cosmetic treatment; it is a functional treatment for people who want to improve their smile. These include patients who may have problems chewing, crowded teeth, or overbiting.

Of course, there are some types of cosmetic dental procedures that would be purely cosmetic in nature. Teeth whitening procedures are one example; there is no other reason for undergoing them other than to make the teeth look brighter and whiter. The same applies to procedures like Snap-On Smile.

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