Does the cosmetic dentist make fillings?

Cavities and dental debris are removed and cleaned to remove remaining bacteria. Your cosmetic dentist will then fill the cavity with a filling that matches the color of your teeth. After a quick polishing, the cavity will be repaired and the tooth will look new and natural. This is a question that is actually asked quite a lot, and the answer is simple, since they say yes, they sure can.

In fact, it has become more popular among cosmetic dentists in Houston to make fillings, because fillings have come a long way in the materials and in the way they are created. Cosmetic dentists are trained in painless one-appointment procedures that will shape and brighten your teeth. With dental implants, whitening, fillings and even complementary services such as Botox treatments, cosmetic dentists can make your smile as perfect as it should be, with immediate results. Cosmetic dental fillings are synthetic compounds, which are made to match the color of your teeth and blend in with your smile.

Cosmetic dental fillings are strong and durable and will allow you to restore your smile to its natural shine. If you have questions about cosmetic dental fillings, contact one of our six county dental offices. Teeth whitening is one of the most basic and one of the most economical cosmetic dentistry procedures. Over time, teeth may become stained with food, drink, medicine, or other habits, such as smoking.

Many people turn to teeth whitening to make their smile brighter. Many patients seek the services of an aesthetic dentist for whitening or other procedures that give them a more confident smile. Using modern techniques, an aesthetic dentist can form a tooth in a painless procedure with immediate results. For dental bonding, the aesthetic dentist applies a moldable resin to the tooth and hardens it with ultraviolet light.

Both general and aesthetic dentists will have earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM) degree. Having a confident smile can make a big difference in the way patients feel about themselves, and many patients find the time, energy, and cost of using the services of a cosmetic dentist worthwhile. For example, if you need a filling, an aesthetic dentist, concerned about the appearance of the patient's smile, will tend to prefer composite materials to match the color of his tooth, and composite fillings are more expensive than amalgam fillings. Both cosmetic and general dentists have the skills to perform a variety of complex or simple dental procedures.

Cosmetic dentists use dentistry techniques to reshape and reshape the aesthetic qualities of your smile through safe and relatively painless procedures. An aesthetic dentist provides patients with elective treatment that can improve and improve their smile. Bleaching usually involves an hour and a half procedure in which the aesthetic dentist rubs plaque and dirt from the teeth before applying a whitening agent. A cosmetic dentist is responsible for a variety of procedures, from minor repairs to major surgeries.

Contouring, also known as reshaping, is a fairly new method used by cosmetic dentists to reshape and sculpt a tooth with the desired appearance. However, dental insurance providers consider cosmetic dentistry to be optional and therefore beyond the scope of insurance, although cosmetic jobs that also provide a functional benefit, such as restoration of tooth structure, may be covered by 50 percent. There is some overlap between traditional dentistry and aesthetic dentistry, and sometimes patients will need to visit an endodontist or oral surgeon along with a cosmetic dentistry treatment. .

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